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Growing and caring for your baby is hard work. During pregnancy your body is adapting to make way for your little one. Massage can help to keep you balanced and nourished while you create life within you. Prenatal massage keeps you centered so your baby can find the best position for their arrival. 

The fourth trimester is its own unique stage in this transformation that is unfolding. Your baby's need for snuggles and love is the sweet stuff of life, but it can also be draining. Allow me to fill your cup with a quiet space that allows you to reset, or a caring ear to listen to all the new discoveries you are making as a parent, and a human. 

I make the journey to you, so you can focus on yourself, and your relaxation, because I know you are busy focusing on everyone else too. 

seventy five minutes $115

ninety minutes $145

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Infant massage is a great way for parents to connect with their baby. Your baby has taken quite a journey to join you outside the womb. Sometimes this can lead to muscle tightness (or torticollis) causing baby to favor one side over another. I empower parents to sooth and massage your wee babe, while also helping to ease postpartum depression and anxiety for you.

ninety minutes $65


If you are looking to learn comfort techniques to support your partner through the birth of your baby, you've come to the right place. We will focus on both verbal and nonverbal cues to help your partner relax, as well as touch & massage techniques that can be used for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

one hundred twenty minutes $200