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I want to remain so rooted to the ground these tears these hands these feet sink in   -grounded


birth doula

$1050 includes 3 in-home visits, and continuous labor support

Giving birth is one of the most powerful and vulnerable experiences in life. As your doula I am here to listen, to encourage, and to be with you as you experience this rite of passage. I will meet with you in your home twice during pregnancy so we can get to know one another better , and I can know how best to support you on your big day. I will also get to know your partner (or support team) and can empower them to support you through the use of verbal and non-verbal cues, as well as acting as a barometer of normal throughout the entire process.  I am your bridge to all the forms of care you may need as your body adapts to your growing baby (this includes midwives, OBs, mental health therapists, IBCLCs, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc).  Once you are home with your little one, I come to your home to listen to your birth story, offer support, and be sure YOU are well and cared for.  Allow me to care for you, to offer guidance, and to bear witness to your transformation and growth as the parent within you is born. 

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postpartum doula

$30 per hour beginning with 10 hours minimum

As your postpartum doula I come to your home to care for you and support your growing bond with your baby and family. I come to see you, the person that is stretching and changing with the arrival of your new babe. I come to hear you as you share all your new discoveries, your challenges and successes. I come to offer you the community and nurturing that you deserve as you raise your new tiny human. This support may include (but is not limited to) talking and listening, setting up your home to make your day move more smoothly, light housework or cooking, supporting you with infant feeding and sleep, or providing evidence based information regarding infant and self care.